What I was after

I recently found a pack of Rick & Morty emojis that I wanted to add to our team’s Slack, but I didn’t want to have to upload files and name them one at a time.

The Result(s)

I quickly found a good resource courtesy of ManyChat that pointed me to a Chrome Extension that would do the trick.

The Important Bits

This missing Slack functionality is enabled very simply through the Chrome Extension Neutral Face Emoji Tools.

This extension enables a bulk uploader directly in the Slack customizer page above the normal Add Custom Emoji action. It allows you to drag-and-drop files from your computer to Slack, naming the emojis according to your file names: “make sure that the image files are named what you want the emoji name to be (“ditto.gif” will become “:ditto:”).

Drag them into the bulk uploader and you’re done! Simple as that. Much faster than the built-in manual process.